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Ryan & Jonathan

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We believe in adoption wholeheartedly, and we cannot wait to become parents for the first time. We have so much love to share with your child and are ready to grow our family. We don't know the journey you took to get here, but your bravery and selflessness is admirable and we thank you for visiting our profile.

About Us

Director of Finance
Customer Service Representative
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, CPA Licensed
Associates Degree in Cosmetology
Legally Married

Our Most Memorable Moment

Exploring Tokyo Disneyland

Our most memorable moment was our first trip together as a couple. At that time, Jonathan had not traveled outside of Hawaii so he was so excited for our first trip, and we ended up traveling to Japan to spend a couple of weeks. Ryan used to live in Japan during his college years so he was quite familiar with Japan and was excited to share the culture and all the fun things to do there.

We had so much fun exploring the different cities and prefectures, and we got to spend a lot of time at Tokyo Disneyland, which was Jonathan's favorite part about the whole trip. Our time at Tokyo Disneyland was magical because it was Jonathan's first time at Disneyland and he got to explore, ride all the rides, and see all the various shows that he had seen on TV and YouTube. After traveling to Japan together, it has now become our most memorable moment, and our favorite travel destination because there are so many things to see and activities to do in Japan, and we look forward to taking our future child to Japan with us to enjoy all of the things that we got to enjoy.

Our Leisure Time

Ryan Surfing

In Ryan's leisure time, he likes to go surfing and golfing. Ryan has been surfing since he was a child and is very passionate about surfing and spends a lot of his free time in the water where he feels most comfortable. Ryan is also a former professional golfer, but now days he enjoys playing golf with his nephew, friends, and we also play golf together as a couple. Ryan is looking forward to passing on his passion for surfing to our future child and he hopes that one day they might even pick up golfing.

Jonathan's favorite leisure activity is relaxing at home and playing video games. Jonathan is talented at playing video games, and games in general. He likes to do online gaming with his cousins and friends, and his favorite video game is League of Legends. Jonathan also likes to go bike riding with Ryan's sister on the weekends to get a little exercise in.

When we're hanging out together, we enjoy going out to nice dinners and watching live music. We also like to relax at various cafes around town to try out new menu items and talk about our common interests.

Our Individual Strengths

Family Dinner Date

Ryan's Strengths: Ryan's strengths are that he is determined, smart and is a good protector. Ryan always strives to be the best at anything he sets his mind on, whether it be sports, finances or even preparing to be a parent. He devotes himself to his craft and spends countless hours practicing, studying and researching so that he can excel. He is educated and quite smart, but more importantly, he uses his mind to setup ways to keep our family safe, secure and protected. He is the type of person that makes plans in his sleep and is constantly working towards securing his family's happiness and future success.

Jonathan's Strengths: Jonathan's strengths are that he is patient, understanding and is a great listener. Jonathan can turn any frown upside down, and he has a way with people to make them feel heard and understood. He has the patience to sit and take his time to hear your side of the story, and helps you to overcome your most difficult obstacles. He has the kindest heart you will ever meet and is sure to win you over.


Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
Bike Riding with Ryan's Sister
Bike Riding with Ryan's Sister
Four-Wheeling with Friends
Four-Wheeling with Friends
Family Dinner at Haleiwa Joes
Family Dinner at Haleiwa Joes
Playing with Birds on the Island
Playing with Birds on the Island
BBQ with Family & Friends
BBQ with Family & Friends
Christmas with Friends
Christmas with Friends
Vegas Trip!
Vegas Trip!
Golf Day
Golf Day
Horseback Riding at Ohikilolo Ridge
Horseback Riding at Ohikilolo Ridge
Jonathan & His Nephew
Jonathan & His Nephew
Staycationing in Waikiki
Staycationing in Waikiki
1 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
2 / 12
Bike Riding with Ryan's Sister
Bike Riding with Ryan's Sister
3 / 12
Four-Wheeling with Friends
Four-Wheeling with Friends
4 / 12
Family Dinner at Haleiwa Joes
Family Dinner at Haleiwa Joes
5 / 12
Playing with Birds on the Island
Playing with Birds on the Island
6 / 12
BBQ with Family & Friends
BBQ with Family & Friends
7 / 12
Christmas with Friends
Christmas with Friends
8 / 12
Vegas Trip!
Vegas Trip!
9 / 12
Golf Day
Golf Day
10 / 12
Horseback Riding at Ohikilolo Ridge
Horseback Riding at Ohikilolo Ridge
11 / 12
Jonathan & His Nephew
Jonathan & His Nephew
12 / 12
Staycationing in Waikiki
Staycationing in Waikiki

Our Extended Families

Family Time at the Mall

Our families are excited for us to start our adoption journey and they can't wait to meet your child. We have a close-knit family and are fortunate that both Ryan's parents and Jonathan's parents live only a few miles away. We both come from multi-sibling families and have a fantastic support system in place so we know that we will be well supported by our parents, siblings and friends.

Sunday Funday with Family

Ryan's parents are retired, but own an air conditioning business. Jonathan's dad makes hula supplies and his mom is a stay-at-home mother. We are fortunate that both of our parents have lots of time to spend with your child and both of our parents frequently ask us about our adoption journey and are so supportive of adoption.

Every Sunday, we have family dinner at Ryan's parents' house and we love to eat, laugh, watch movies and just settle in to spend quality time before the start of the new week. We also like to spend the day at the beach or a night out on the town with Jonathan's siblings, nephews and niece. We value spending quality time with our family and we know that your child will enjoy these family moments too.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Condo

We live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, in a large condo in downtown. Since we're located in the city, we're close to all of the best schools, hospitals, emergency services and the like. We have so many beaches, hiking trails, restaurants, botanical gardens and other fun places around our home so we get to explore and go on many adventures every week, and we are so excited to go on new adventures with your child.

Our condo has many amenities, such as a bowling alley, swimming pool, tennis court, billiards room, gym, basketball court, koi pond deck, and many other fun amenities. We love to hang out around the condo to enjoy the amenities with our friends and family and we know that your child will have so much fun living at our condo and getting to play at all of the many amenities.

Hawaii is famous for our melting pot society and we are fortunate to enjoy the various cultural festivities happening around the city. We are a multi-cultural couple and we enjoy going to different cultural festivals to try out different foods, dances and the like. We know that your child will have so much fun learning about different cultures and trying out new things, and we would love to honor your culture by sharing that experience with your child.

From Us to You

We have been together for five years, and have been married for the past two years. Every year that passes has been filled with extraordinary moments of love, laughter, and excitement. Like everyone else, we get into arguments about this, that and the other thing, but at the end of the day, we never go to bed upset and we always make sure to end the night in peace, acceptance, and love because there is never a disagreement that is more important than our love and our relationship.

We have spent so much time talking about our future child, what that life would look like, how we would make it all work, and have discussed the details of it all more times than we can even count. We want to provide your child with the best opportunities in life, and we are prepared financially, mentally, emotionally and physically to do everything we can to ensure your child's happiness and success in life. This moment has been surreal because we have waited for this chance in life to meet someone like you who would bless our lives with a child that we can call our own, and honestly, the words to describe how we're feeling inside are difficult to write down. We feel that unconditional love, and that is the type of love that we want your child to feel too. We have never had a moment of doubt that this is what we really wanted for our lives, and this adoption journey has never deterred us, but has only made us want this more than we can ever express to you.

Both of our families are looking forward to this adoption and can't wait to meet your child. We value family, and family is something that your child will always have because we are all close-knit and we take care of each other, and we can depend on each other. We want you to know that your child will have a great family network of support that he/she can depend on, no matter what life challenges lie ahead.

We do not yet know your story or the journey that brought you to this point, but we do know that you are an important aspect of your child's life and we could not have asked for this moment in any other way. We commend your bravery and love to make this sacrifice for your child's happiness and we know that you are the only person who knows what is best for your child, and for you to choose us to be your child's parents is an honor and privilege. Your significance to your child's life will be important throughout their life and we want to honor you every step of the way. We are open to exchange of emails and phone calls because we want this adoption to be open for you to have a channel of communication to your child, should this be something you are interested in. We will also send letters and pictures to you so that you will know how your child is doing throughout his/her life.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through our profile, and we want to extend our sincere gratitude in your consideration of choosing us to be your child's adoptive parents.

Ryan & Jonathan


Anthony Hopkins
Jackie Chan
Angelina Jolie
Emma Stone
Jane Austin
Sarah J. Mass
Pride and Prejudice
Throne of Glass
Candy Bar
Violet Crumble
Dragon Ball Z
Childhood Memory
Going to Disneyworld with my parents
Playing at the farm in the mud
Childhood Toy
Toy Trucks
Children's Book
The Hungry Caterpillar
The Hungry Caterpillar
Classic Movie
Day of Week
Red Velvet Cake
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Lamborghini Aventador
Porsche Cayenne
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Trip to London with our family
A trip to Japan
Family Activity
Traveling together as a big family
Having family dinners
Flower / Plant
Filet Mignon
Fried Chicken
Form of Exercise
Playing video games
Holiday Song
O Holy Night
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Opening Christmas presents
Picking out a Christmas ornament
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Tres Leches Cake
Maui Potato Chips
Leisure Activity
Walking around aimlessly
Golf Digest
I don't read magazines so I can't say that I have a favorite one
Memory with a Child
Taking my nephews surfing
Taking my niece to the zoo
Memory with Spouse
First trip to Japan together
Horseback riding for my birthday
Pride and Prejudice
Movie Munchie
Ice cream
Movie Quote
"So I can kiss you anytime I want" - Reese Witherspoon
I don't know of any particular quotes
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!
Musical Group
The Goo Goo Dolls
Ed Sheeran
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
Hayao Miyazaki
The Lion King
The Phantom of the Opera
I don't really know of any so I don't have one
I don't know of any so I can't say I have a favorite one
Quality about my Spouse
His patience
He's determined
"...that person knows how to use the mind in a way not previously engaged." - Neil Degrasse Tyson
If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together
53 by the Sea
53 by the Sea
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Bacon, egg and pesto sandwich
Hebrews 12:1
I don't know of any so I can't say that I have a favorite one
Shopping Store
Local Motion Surf Shop
Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
I Can Only Imagine
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Jim Furyk
Serena Williams
Sports Team
The Seattle Mariners
Cloud9 Esport Team
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
4:30 PM
3:00 P.M.
Eating with my parents every week
Getting coffee every Friday morning with Ryan
TV Show
90 Day Fiance
The Magician
TV Show Character
I don't really have one in particular
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Video Game
I don't really have one because I'm not good at any video games
League of Legends

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