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Lynnda & Jen

We are excited that you are reading our profile and extremely humbled that you are even thinking of us as possible parents for your child. We can't pretend to know how hard this must be for you, but please know you're in our thoughts and prayers as you make this decision for your child. Thank you for considering us to be part of your journey.

About Us

Manager, Systems Reliability Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Music
High School
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We have one daughter, Mia, who is 7 years old. Lynnda went through fertility treatments to conceive Mia. Lynnda tried to become pregnant again, we tried with our own eggs, donor eggs, but it did not work. For medical reasons, Jen has been encouraged not to become pregnant.

We believe family is based in love, not genetics. Mia is not biologically related to Jen, but Mia acts just like her. Even though Mia knows that she doesn't share DNA with Jen (Mama), she always says that she got her blue eyes from "Mama". It's really sweet.

Mia really wants to be a big sister. One day when Lynnda was explaining why she hadn't become a big sister yet, Mia said "You know Mommy, you can adopt a baby. One of my friends is adopted." It was a beautiful moment. Mia opened our eyes to the possibilities of adoption. We then proceeded to google, and listen to every adoption podcast we could find, which eventually led us here.

Everything in life happens for a reason and we know this is where we are meant to be.

Our Leisure Time

Lynnda & Mia Snowboarding

Our evenings usually consist of homework, reading, walking the dog, eating family dinner and watching a few shorts on Disney+ before bed. Our weekends start with pizza and a movie on Friday night.

In the warmer months we spend our weekends going to the beach with big groups of friends, checking out museums and going to indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks when it is too hot to be outside. We also go on a long vacation every summer to unwind, be together and have fun.

Our Framily

In the winter months, we love to go skiing/snowboarding. Mia has been skiing since she was 3 and she finally got to try snowboarding this year. We make several day trips during the winter and we make at least one weekend snow trip every year. We also make at least one trip to Disneyland when it's decorated for Christmas!

During the Spring, we go to Disneyland a few times and we spend a lot of time outside. We love to ride bikes, play basketball, ride scooters and play at the park.

Most weekends include visits with our "Framily," Sunday morning church with Lynnda's parents and a bit of indoor leisure time playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.

Our Promise to You

We promise to capture and share countless cherished moments, including their first steps, first holiday and those exciting first days of school.

We promise to keep you informed about their preferences, dislikes, key milestones, favorite things, and the adorable and amusing anecdotes that make up their growing years.

We promise to mark special occasions with cards and creative artwork. We also promise to embrace traditions from their biological family. Our commitment is to provide a nurturing and loving environment where your child can flourish to their fullest potential. We promise to provide them with a good education and the ability to go to college if that is what they desire.

We are dedicated to imparting knowledge about their culture, heritage and origins.

Above all, our most profound promise is to instill in this child the understanding and belief that their life's journey began with the love of their mother. That two families came together to create the best possible life for them.


Date Night at Universal Citywalk
Date Night at Universal Citywalk
Jen & Mia Gardening
Jen & Mia Gardening
Disney Vacation
Disney Vacation
At a Music Convention
At a Music Convention
At Our Annual New Year's PJ Party
At Our Annual New Year's PJ Party
At the Aquarium
At the Aquarium
Mandalay Beach Resort
Mandalay Beach Resort
Making Homemade Playdough
Making Homemade Playdough
Parents Day at School
Parents Day at School
On the Mountain
On the Mountain
Mia Playing Piano
Mia Playing Piano
Ready for Oogie Boogie Bash!
Ready for Oogie Boogie Bash!
1 / 12
Date Night at Universal Citywalk
Date Night at Universal Citywalk
2 / 12
Jen & Mia Gardening
Jen & Mia Gardening
3 / 12
Disney Vacation
Disney Vacation
4 / 12
At a Music Convention
At a Music Convention
5 / 12
At Our Annual New Year's PJ Party
At Our Annual New Year's PJ Party
6 / 12
At the Aquarium
At the Aquarium
7 / 12
Mandalay Beach Resort
Mandalay Beach Resort
8 / 12
Making Homemade Playdough
Making Homemade Playdough
9 / 12
Parents Day at School
Parents Day at School
10 / 12
On the Mountain
On the Mountain
11 / 12
Mia Playing Piano
Mia Playing Piano
12 / 12
Ready for Oogie Boogie Bash!
Ready for Oogie Boogie Bash!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live on a cul-de-sac in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. There really is no limit to the adventures we can have where we live. We are a short drive away from the beach, the mountains, several museums, theaters and of course, Disneyland.

Our neighborhood is safe and quiet. There are several parks nearby that we love to play at. Our street has a cut-de-sac on both ends so we don't get any through traffic. This allowed us to put a newly upgraded basketball hoop in the street in front of our house for Mia and the neighborhood kids.

Our house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a large living room and a family room that we turned into a music room/gaming room. We have transformed our backyard into a lovely hangout/play area with a fountain, giant trampoline, climbing wall and a bubble machine. We love to host BBQs for our friends and family.

Our Extended Families

Lynnda's Family

One of the incredible blessings in our lives is having almost all of our family nearby. Every holiday and birthday is a joyous occasion, as we get to celebrate with our loved ones and friends, who are all eagerly looking forward to welcoming another child into our family through adoption.

Lynnda's Mom and Dad (GiGi and Poppy) are an integral part of our support system. Gigi picks Mia up from school once a week and she also gives her piano lessons. On weekends, Lynnda's Mom and Dad often take Mia to experience the wonders of musicals and museums. They can hardly contain their excitement to include another child in their adventures.

With Our Nephew & His Mom

Jen's nephew and sister-in-law hold a special place in our hearts. We've been actively involved in caring for our nephew since he was a baby, and now they are an inseparable part of our family. Together, we share the joys of holidays and special occasions, regularly spending quality time with each other.

Beyond our immediate family, we are incredibly lucky to have what we call our "framily." Our closest friends, who all have their own children, live within a 15-minute radius. We cherish the time we spend together, celebrating holidays as one big extended family.

With all these wonderful people in our lives, we know that your child's life will be filled with an abundance of love and support. Your child will be embraced by an entire village of caring individuals who are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us as you explore making an adoption plan. When you first started considering adoption you might not have thought about two women raising your child, but somehow you found us and are giving us a chance. We are already extremely grateful to you for even considering us as potential adoptive parents.

We are a married lesbian couple and have been together for over 10 years and married for 7. We met on Xbox Live while playing Halo, which is something that we still enjoy doing today. We talked, on most nights, for a year, before we met in person. Throughout that year, we ended up becoming best friends and then, eventually, the married couple you see today. Our relationship is full of love and laughter. We have one daughter, Mia. She is an outgoing, sweet and compassionate kid. She would love nothing more than to become a big sister.

We are proud of the life we have built together and we want to raise our children to be confident and proud as well. This will mean sharing our adoption story early and often, and that story will include you. We want this child to understand where they came from while also respecting your wishes with how much information to share. We will make sure they know how much you love them and what a selfless act adoption truly is. We will absolutely embrace an open adoption and feel that ongoing contact and openness will be important to give this child the best understanding of their own story. We are also dedicated to imparting knowledge about their culture, heritage and origins.

We know that this is a very difficult time for you, and our goal now, and throughout this journey will be to make you feel respected, informed, and appreciated. We want you to be at peace with whatever decisions you make. We will respect your wishes, including what kind of contact you want before and after the baby's birth. We are open to continuing communication through phone calls, texts, emails, letters and photos. We also understand that you may not know how much contact you want right now and that's okay. We want to work together to find the right level of openness to meet your needs and to support you and this child throughout our journey together.

We promise that we will do everything in our power to give your child a loving, positive, safe and supportive home to grow up in. We will love your child just as much as if we shared a biological connection. We will strive every day to keep our promises to you and provide the guidance and support that you would want for your child. Above all, our most profound promise is to instill in this child the understanding and belief that their life's journey began with the love of their mother. That two families came together to create the best possible life for them.

Thank you again for reading our profile and getting to know our family. We truly hope that we will get to know you as well.

With Love,

Lynnda & Jen


Brad Pitt
Keanu Reeves
Sandra Bullock
Winona Ryder
Brene Brown
Brene Brown
The Kitchen God's Wife
Inside Out, Demi Moore
Candy Bar
Anything white chocolate
Childhood Memory
The day my brother was born
Gardening with my Mom
Childhood Toy
Dolls and Barbies
Barbies and action figures
Children's Book
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon
Classic Movie
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bram Stokers Dracula
Cobalt Blue
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Nissan Skyline GTR
1967 Mustang GT500
Dream Job
Famous Chef
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Red Roses
Blue Marquerite Daisy
Shrimp Tom Yum Soup
Form of Exercise
Frozen Grapes
Unstable Unicorns
Singing, Playing drums
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Picking out our Christmas tree as a family
Picking out our family Christmas Tree
Ice Cream
Oreo Cookies and Cream
Junk Food
Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites
Leisure Activity
Playing Video Games
Video Games
Any car magazine
Anything Food Related
Memory with a Child
The birth of our daughter
The birth of our daughter
Memory with Spouse
Our engagement at Disneyland
Disneyland, our engagement
Four Christmases
Movie Munchie
Sweet tart sour straws
Movie Quote
"May the Force be with you"
"I have crossed Oceans of time to find you."
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Romeo and Juliet
Maya Angelou
William Shakespeare
Quality about my Spouse
Her sense of humor
Her compassion and empathy
"Be curious, not judgmental"
"This is the way"
Cheesecake Factory
Cheesecake Factory
Grilled Cheese on Sour Dough
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Deuteronomy 31:6
Shopping Store
Fix You
Fever by Peggy Lee
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Aaron Donald
Mia Hamm
Sports Team
LA Rams
LA Rams
Subject in School
Captain Marvel
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Opening presents on Christmas morning
Decorating for the holidays
TV Show
The Mandalorian
Modern Family
TV Show Character
Dwight Schrute
Colt Bennett, The Ranch
Type of Music
Chill House, EDM, Classical
Rock, Classical, Show Tunes
Vacation Spot
The Beach
The Beach
Video Game

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