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Find a Family to Adopt Your Baby in Ohio [Here's How]

When you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and you choose adoption for your baby, that’s the first step to acceptance of your pregnancy and relief in having made a decision for you and your baby. Now, how do you find families looking to adopt a baby in Ohio?

Maybe you have a picture in your mind of a couple who lives in Ohio. They have a beautiful, safe home with friendly pets and maybe even other children. But, you don’t know this family, where they live or how to contact them.

You can keep that picture of your baby’s perfect family in your mind and follow these three steps to finding the perfect adoptive family in Ohio:

Step 1: Create your adoption plan, including a description of the perfect family that you want your baby to have. You can do this on your own, or you can benefit from contacting our adoption agency.

Step 2: View as many adoptive family profiles as you would like to help you find that perfect family, with the help of your adoption specialist. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

Step 3: When a family feels right, it’s time to contact your adoption specialist to let them know that you have found the perfect parents for your baby in Ohio.

Step 4: Communicate with your chosen adoptive family — ask them questions and get to know them before your baby is born.

Remember, you don’t have to look for adoptive parents on your own. This can be a difficult decision because we work with so many unique families looking to adopt a baby in Ohio and across the nation. Your adoption specialist can show you profiles of families that match your wants and needs for your baby. Keep in mind, your baby’s parents are your choice and you can be confident and have peace of mind when you have the support and information that you need to choose the perfect family.

Viewing profiles can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use this guide to help you understand the information in the profiles that you are viewing and help you make an informed decision about adoptive couples for your baby in Ohio.

If you’d like to speak with a helpful adoption specialist today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time.

What Types of People are Looking to Adopt?

Families are all unique. This may be one of the first things you notice when you start viewing family profiles. Some people come from large families, some live in apartments and some have pets as members of their family.

There are so many unique families looking to adopt in Ohio, and there is certainly a family among them that is perfect for your baby.

Here are a few examples of the types of couples waiting to adopt in Ohio:

  • Younger and older couples

  • Same-sex couples

  • Single Parents

  • Military families

  • Families with other children — adopted and/or biological

  • Interracial and transracial families

  • Religious and nonreligious families

  • Families living abroad

  • Families of all races

You may already know an adoptive family for your baby in Ohio who is looking to adopt, whether they’re family members, friends, co-workers or members of your community. In this case, you may choose to pursue an independent adoption without an agency, but contacting American Adoptions of Ohio at 1-800-ADOPTION can benefit you by matching you with your own personal adoption specialist who can guide you during your adoption journey. Receiving free adoption information online is also a plus.

How Do I Find Parents to Adopt My Baby?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of waiting adoptive families in Ohio and across the U.S. ready to give your child a safe and loving home. But, you only have access to all of those families when you work with the right agency.

For some birth mothers, like our Birth Parent Peer Support specialist Michelle, you may already know families in your community who are looking to adopt a baby. Michelle remembers, “My mom had mentioned to me that she had a close friend that she had taught with who had adopted a little girl about a year prior to me finding out I was pregnant.  She had called my mom the week before and said that if my mom knew of anyone who was pregnant and thinking about adoption to let her know because they were looking to adopt again. They didn’t want their little girl to be an only child. It was perfect timing and in my eyes it was a sign that adoption was right for me.”

On the other hand, most prospective birth mothers do not know any couples looking to adopt a baby or where to find couples waiting to adopt in Ohio. That’s why many adoption agencies offer matching services and create adoptive family profiles to make the process of finding an adoptive family in Ohio easy and stress-free for you. But, like we mentioned before, it is important to find the right agency.

When you work with our national adoption agency, like American Adoptions, we can provide you with waiting family profiles of couples that fit most, if not all, of your ideal family requirements.

Most adoption agencies offer profiles of waiting families they are working with to find an adoption opportunity, but American Adoptions is the only adoption agency that creates adoptive family video profiles for each of our hopeful families. On top of that, we give you dozens, if not hundreds, of families to consider based on your exact preferences. Other, smaller agencies will typically only work with a small handful of families at once, which means you will have fewer options.

Let’s review family profiles in Ohio and what information they include.

What Are Adoptive Family Profiles in Ohio?

An adoptive family profile is like a story about hopeful adoptive parents, their lives and their family. You can find the following important information about each family in their profile:

  • Names

  • Pictures

  • State where they live

  • Their home

  • Children and pets

  • Education

  • Occupations

Those are the basic pieces of information that you can find in an adoptive family profile in Ohio. This may be enough to narrow your search down to one particular state or if you want your baby to have siblings, for example. You choose the information that is important to you.

At American Adoptions, our waiting family profiles include sections about extended family, a letter from the hopeful parents and a list of the couple’s favorite things like movies, travels, music and food. Personal topics like religion and values can be shared through waiting family profiles in Ohio as well.

You can also view our waiting family video profiles now. We create a video profile for each hopeful adoptive couple that we work with because this gives you a chance to hear families talk and interact with one another during their daily routines in their homes. You can also see their neighborhood and hear their reasons for choosing adoption.

How Are Adoptive Families Screened in Ohio?

Prospective adoptive families in Ohio and across the U.S. must meet requirements set forth by each state in order to be considered safe and eligible to adopt a child. When you work with our licensed adoption agency, you can be confident that all of our couples waiting to adopt in Ohio have been screened in the following ways:

  • Background check – to include child abuse/neglect records and criminal history

  • Medical and behavioral health history – records collected from healthcare treatment facilities

  • Home study, including home inspection – to verify the safety and adequacy of living space

  • Interviews – with the hopeful parents, immediate and extended family and friends

  • Financial review – to ensure a stable income and available resources to raise a child

Families are screened in Ohio prior to becoming active with our agency to ensure that they are legally, physically, emotionally and financially able to raise a child. It’s important to work with a licensed adoption agency because licensing means that the agency meets the state requirements to be able to facilitate safe and ethical adoptions.

Can You Choose an Adoptive Family in a Different State?

If you live in Ohio, you can find waiting adoptive parents in Ohio or you can find families in other states — it’s your choice. Some prospective birth mothers want their baby to live in the same state and others want their baby to experience living with a family in a different state.

There are two types of adoption agencies that can help you find adoptive families locally or nationally. Local adoption agencies only facilitate adoptions in one state, while national or domestic adoption agencies, like American Adoptions, can help you find your perfect adoption match anywhere in the U.S.

We work with more families than most adoption agencies, which allows us to help you expand your adoptive family options. Your baby’s perfect family might not live in Ohio and working with our national adoption agency can increase your chances of finding, and matching, with the perfect waiting parents in Ohio or other states.

What Can I Choose about My Baby’s Parents?

Have you thought about what is important in your decision when you choose your baby’s family in Ohio? You can choose everything about your baby’s family including the following:

  • Married or single parents

  • Same-sex couples

  • Parent’s race and/or ethnicity

  • Couple’s age

  • Family size

  • Faith and religion

  • Lifestyle choices such as diet, travel, creative arts and physical activities

You should be able to choose the exact type of family you want for your baby. This choice is too big to settle. With our agency, you can do that.

When you consider your ideal family through adoption profiles in Ohio, we can make the matching process easier for you. We do this by matching your ideal family traits with the families that we are currently working with. Instead of sorting through hundreds of adoptive families, we can tailor your profile choices to ten at a time to make the process more manageable for you.

Can You Change Adoptive Couples in Ohio?

Yes, you can change adoptive families at any time during your adoption process, before you sign adoption paperwork.

It is important for you to take the time that you need to think about what you want in your baby’s perfect family in Ohio. It can be emotionally difficult for you to change your mind about families because you want to be confident in your choice.

What if I Haven’t Found an Adoptive Family in Ohio?

If you haven’t found an adoptive family or you’re having a hard time choosing a family in Ohio, that’s OK. Some prospective birth mothers fear that no one will adopt their child due to health issues or special needs, but this is not true.

There is a perfect family for your baby.

Many adoption agencies work with families who are open to adopting babies with special needs or even adopting toddlers. Your adoption specialist is your best source of information on families looking to adopt in Ohio. When you contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION, we will assign you to your own personal adoption specialist. If you want to contact us online for more information, you can reach out to us at any time on our website.

How Do You Communicate with Your Baby’s Hopeful Adoptive Parents in Ohio?

What’s even better than family profiles and family videos? Talking to families on the phone or even in person. Through open adoption, you can start talking to the parents that you choose for your baby to help build your relationship and learn more about one another. Open adoption communication has helped many birth mothers feel at ease and have peace of mind in knowing that they chose the perfect parents for their baby in Ohio.

Find Adoptive Parents in Ohio Today

You can follow these three steps to start talking to your chosen family today:

Step 1: Review family profiles and family videos to find families that match your ideals.

Step 2: Talk to your adoption specialist when you find the perfect parents for your baby.

Step 3: Get connected with the family that you choose with the help and support of your adoption specialist.

Call us at any time at 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online today.

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