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All About Ohio Adoptive Family Profiles [And How They Work]

Adoption can fill you with uncertainty when you think about the types of parents that you want for your child. How can you possibly get to know and trust strangers to adopt your baby? That’s where Ohio adoptive family profiles come in.

An adoptive family profile does many things for prospective birth mothers and hopeful families. They showcase important information and help you learn a little bit about the lives of couples looking to adopt in Ohio.

Adoptive family profiles in Ohio can give you peace of mind because you can see what families look like and learn about what they do and where they live. American Adoptions has taken this approach a step further with adoptive family video profiles. Families are given the tools they need to capture special moments in their lives to share with you. It helps you envision what life can be like for your child if you choose to place them with that family.

If you see an adoptive family profile that interests you and you would like to contact the family, you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to be put in contact with our families. You can also contact us online for more information on adoptive family profiles in Ohio.

History of Adoptive Family Profiles

Let’s talk about what adoptive family profiles in Ohio used to be, and how they have changed today.

In the past, most adoptions were closed adoptions. This means that birth parents and adoptive parents did not know each other and may never be able to contact each other. Sometimes, letters from birth mothers were given to families that adopted a child, but this was not always the case. There were no adoptive family profile resources then.

Before the internet became a great tool for adoptive families, there were adoptive family profile books. Imagine an adoptive family profile book as a photo album or scrapbook about a family. These books were created by the adoptive family with the help of their adoption specialist and included pictures, letters and other special articles that the hopeful family wanted to share with prospective birth mothers. She could view the adoptive family profile books at the agency and choose which family she believed was perfect for her baby.

There are still pamphlet-style, paper adoptive family profiles that can be mailed to you. But, with American Adoptions, all those profiles have been formatted to be presented to you as online adoptive family profiles as well. Electronic adoptive family profiles include pictures, letters from the hopeful parents and a list of their favorite things like movies, books and food.

Today, American Adoptions has pioneered the adoptive family video profile. Videos are a great way to see families in action during their daily lives as well as hear them answer questions and discuss their plans for their future child. You can see their homes inside and out and even meet their extended family and friends through adoptive family video profiles.

The more information you know about a family, the more comfortable and confident you can be in your decision to choose a family for your baby. You can view adoptive family profiles today and contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION when you find the perfect family. You can also let us know which family you’re interested in by contacting us online.

Benefits of Adoptive Family Profiles in Ohio

Many prospective birth mothers want to view adoptive family profiles in order to get to families who are looking to adopt in Ohio. There can be a sense of comfort and confidence in learning about hopeful parents in their own words, especially when you have made the important and life-changing decision of adoption for your baby.

Here’s how adoptive family books, adoptive family profiles and adoptive family video profiles can benefit prospective birth mothers and hopeful families:

  • Pictures and images, to see who their family is

  • Creative expression, to learn what the family is like

  • Personalized Letters, to understand their motivations for adopting

  • Share family facts, to imagine what your child’s life will be like

With the adoptive family video, you get the benefit of sight and sound. You can see family interactions and living spaces firsthand. You can even get a glimpse of the family’s neighborhood and hear from their extended family and friends.

Adoptive family profiles are the perfect way to create an adoption match between prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive families. We encourage you to take the time that you need to view adoptive family profiles. This process could help you feel confident in your choice of adoptive parents for your baby.

When you find the perfect family you can call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to get connected with an adoption specialist who can tell you more about our families. You can also let us know what family you have chosen by contacting us online.

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