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How Open Adoption Works [in Ohio]

Including the Benefits of Open Adoption

No two prospective birth parents’ situations are the same. Because these situations constantly change, you may be wondering how you can stay in touch with your child and their adoptive family after adoption finalization.

Thankfully, with open adoption in Ohio, you can.

If you have just started researching your adoption in Ohio, then you may have not heard about open adoption yet. Or, you have heard of it, but aren’t quite sure what it exactly is. Open adoption can be beneficial for you and your baby, and it is becoming more common than ever in domestic infant adoption.

Our staff at American Adoptions of Ohio comprises adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents, and our personal adoption experience helps us understand what open adoption in Ohio is truly like. This means we can provide you with the best guidance and support possible.

Through our 24/7 support hotline, you can always get the help you need. You can also get free adoption information now or call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with one of our experienced adoption professionals. We would love to help you at any time.

1. How common are open adoptions in Ohio?

Adoption is always changing, and it is much different today than it was even a few decades ago. For a long time, birth mothers placed their children with a family of strangers, never to see or hear from the family or their child again. The birth mother and adoptive family exchanged little to no identifying information with each other. Closed adoptions in Ohio, and across the U.S., are uncommon now.

The adoptee typically did not know their medical history or why they were placed for adoption to begin with. If the adoptive and birth families did wish to meet one another later in life, then it was virtually impossible to do so because of the lack of identifying information.

For decades, closed adoption was the standard throughout the country. But, as facts about open adoption became more widespread, prospective birth parents and hopeful adoptive families alike learned about the many open adoption benefits. Now, an overwhelming majority of adoptions are open, both in Ohio and nationwide. Today, nine out of 10 completed adoptions are open.

According to experts’ open adoption research, increased openness in adoption is directly linked to the general well-being of all parties involved, especially the adoptee. It’s why American Adoptions of Ohio encourages open adoption if possible.

2. What is open adoption in Ohio like today?

As open adoption becomes significantly more common, you may be wondering, “What does an open adoption mean in Ohio?” Something worth discussing is that there are varying levels of openness in adoption, which lie on a scale that ranges from “more open” to “less open.”

A more flexible and open adoption in Ohio could include:

  • In-person visits
  • Direct communication in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, video chats, handwritten letters and more
  • Sharing contact information to make it easier to stay in touch
  • And more

Some prospective birth mothers may prefer a less open adoption in Ohio, which might involve:

Every open adoption in Ohio involves a unique relationship, and it’s what makes it such a beautiful process. As a prospective birth mother, you are in full control of your adoption journey. Your American Adoptions of Ohio adoption professional will help you figure out what level of openness you are comfortable with. We want to make sure that your domestic open adoption in Ohio is exactly what you want it to be.

3. How does open adoption work in Ohio?

Open adoptions in Ohio generally serve the best interests of the adoptive family, birth parents and the adoptee. With a strong support system, the opportunities for a successful open adoption in Ohio are infinite.

Here are some open adoption benefits in Ohio for both you and your child:

  • Adoptees in open adoptions know who their birth parents are.
  • Birth parents get to see their child grow up in a loving, caring household.
  • Adoptees can ask birth parents any questions they have about their adoption.
  • Birth parents and adoptive parents don’t co-parent their child.
  • Adoptive and birth families share a lifelong bond.
  • Open adoptions in Ohio can be as flexible or structured as you want them to be.

Open adoption in Ohio ensures that you, your child and the adoptive family remain forever connected. As the prospective birth mother, you will always have the right to choose what level of contact you’re most comfortable with.  This is an option even after you have already placed your child with their adoptive parents.

4. Is open adoption in Ohio legally enforceable?

Although Ohio is a state that allows Post-Adoption Contact Agreements (PACAs), these aren’t legally binding. This means that they’re an informal agreement between the adoptive family and the birth parents that can be referenced for what you both originally agreed upon. But, this is nothing to worry about!

Birth families and adoptive parents usually maintain contact without reminders, and everyone is typically excited to stay in touch to create a positive environment for their child. It’s also important to work with an adoption agency, such as American Adoptions of Ohio, that provides post-placement support for navigating this relationship.

We also educate adoptive families about how vital it is to honor your word in an open adoption in Ohio, so they’re more likely to abide by the terms you laid out.

Additionally, we keep any correspondence for up to 18 years after finalization in case you or the adoptive family lose contact information and want to reconnect.


Open adoption in Ohio is a beautiful opportunity if you are considering adoption in the Buckeye State. If you would like to learn more about open adoption in Ohio or adoption in general, then call us at 1-800-ADOPTION. We would love to speak with you! You can also get more free information now.

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